My Person.

You are my person, you will always be my person." --¬†Grey's Anatomy Him. Yeah, I'm right and so are your thoughts.You cant deny that a smile is crawling up your cheeks and exposing your perfect set.You are happy and you want to keep it to yourself.You know like your own little secret.This is your happy … Continue reading My Person.



The Truth, Something that is termed subjective these days. Simply said when it is seemed right to do so and even hidden away when it doesn't sound nice when said out loud. Truth is apparently relative and it depends and it can change from time to time unlike before when it was gospel.We behave and … Continue reading T-R-U-T-H

In short…

Some days seem longer than others some nights shorter... It's life irony of ironies.. It's what you make it and what you take in.. It depends ... It's not right or doesn't seem 'appropriate' but really giving a hoot about every Tom, Dick and Harry's opinion leaves you at the worlds dispense... But hold up … Continue reading In short…

I'll borrow some words for a start. Life is like a candle it either slowly melts away or a harsh wind blows it away... i don't know what life you live but make it worthwhile.